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Hitachi Elevator Vietnam Co., Ltd

Hitachi Escalators are at work moving people everywhere from hotels, offices, department stores to many other types of buildings. Call us at +84 28 3824 4924 to find out more about Hitachi Escalators.
Hitachi's innovative Escalators have various new functions for efficient operation and maintenance in consideration of energy-saving. Taking in mind passengers' convenience and comfort of use, Hitachi Escalators will keep showing efficient and reliable performance in constantly changing conditions of operation.
With Hitachi's advanced technology, the sole purpose of Hitachi Escalators is to enhance comfort. This is combined with a creative ability to flexibly modify our escalators so that they blend in with the surrounding environment. The end product is a user-friendly transportation system that provides more convenience and more comfortable movement.

  • TX Model

    Nominal Width (mm) 1000/1200
    Inclination Angle 30°/35°
    Rated Speed (m/s) 0.5
    Maximum Capacity (persons/hour) 4800/6000
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    TX Model
  • EX Model

    Moving Sidewalks
    Nominal Width (mm) 1200
    Inclination Angle 0°/12°
    Rated Speed (m/s) 0.5
    Nominal Transport Capacity
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    Product Catalogue
    EX Model
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